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The most fundamental function on the server-side is the Invoke function, which gives users the ability to manipulate server-side classes.

The scripting sub-system allows users to execute XML scripts that contain Invoke method calls.

Script elements

A Cubicle Tools script has two main elements:
  1. Dictionary elements - defines a dictionary of value types
  2. Instructions - defines a series in Invoke method calls

Dictionary elements

These are mainly as parameters to method calls of Instruction elements.

<CubicleScript xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
      <Item key="Key1" value="XYZ" />
      <Item key="Key2" value="5.3" />

Instruction elements

These can be used to call constructors, store results in the repository and call methods on instances in the object repository.

Parameter resolution will be performed that so that handles are allowed as method parameters. Constructor calls can be made by specifying a method name of .ctor.

<CubicleScript xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
      <Instruction  handle="Cubicle.Testing.InvokeUnitTestClass" memberName=".ctor" key="#test">

The above script will create an instance of Type, InvokeUnitTestClass and store it in the Object Handler with handle #test.

Auto execution

The Cubicle Tools Add-In will automatically execute all scripts in the \autorun directory in alphabetical order upon start-up.

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