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Project Overview

The Cubicle Tools project aims to bring a feature rich Object Handler to .NET. The project further aims to fill a gap for .NET based rapid prototyping and analytics via Excel.

Object handlers have mainly been used in niche financial applications (such as trading desks and risk analytics) but being an Open Source project, Cubicle Tools might find broader appeal in other areas of scientific analysis.

In order to achieve these goals Cubicle Tools promotes the following two features:
  1. Analytics on Demand (AoD) and
  2. Analytics as a Service (AaaS).

Analytics on Demand (AoD)

The integrated Excel client for NuGet allows users to download and share Excel extensions.

This allows users to browse NuGet catalogs and install packages on-demand.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

The hosting capabilities included in Cubicle Tools allows users to connect to multiple Object Handlers distributed across a network to offload long-running tasks using standard Excel functions.

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