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Package Management

Users can extend the functionality of Cubicle tools by installing additional NuGet packages from feeds. Packages can be installed in one of two ways:
  1. Worksheet functions
  2. The Package Browser interface

Package Browser interface

By selecting the Configure... command from the Menu-bar/Ribbon will open up the Feed Manager and Package Browser interfaces.

The package browser has the following interface components:
  1. Feed drop-down - allows the user to select one of the connected feeds to browse
  2. Source - Each feed has a local and remote source component. local refers to the installation directory where remote refers to the package list on the server.
  3. Search bar - Allows users to type a keyword to search
  4. Keyword checkbox - When checked, search-bar text is matched against a package name, when unchecked, all other package properties are also searched (descriptions etc).
  5. Navigation buttons - Used to browse feed content when there are multiple pages of results
  6. Install/Uninstall buttons - When the Source is local packages can be uninstalled, when it is remote packages can be installed.

Package Browser
Package Browser.png

How are packages installed?

Installation happens in a series of steps:
  1. Download the package and dependencies into a .\packages directory
  2. Determine the maximum allowable .NET framework (default v4.0)
  3. Inspect the package \lib folder and find all assemblies with the highest versions lower or equal to the above
  4. Extract all these assemblies into the Add-In folder (where the .XLL) resides
  5. Copy all items from the \content folder in the Add-In folder as well

The Add-In automatically loads all the assemblies in the Add-In path into memory when it is activated by Excel. Installing new packages may require the user to restart the NuGet Add-In.

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