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Project Description

A collection of tools that extend Excel for analytical and rapid development purposes.


The tools consists of four interdependent components.

A dedicated NuGet feed is available for extensions at:

Components of Cubicle Tools:
  1. At the core is an Object Handler that associate string handles with object instances.
  2. An Excel Add-In that hosts an instance of the Object Handler within Excel for adding object reference into Excel cells
  3. An embedded NuGet client for Excel which can be used to download analytical libraries and extensions
  4. A web-service that allows users to host an Object Handler on a web-server

Features of the Excel Add-In :
  1. A .NET Object handler
  2. Worksheet functions for object creation, method calls and much more
  3. Bind Excel functions at runtime
  4. Bind Excel functions to instance methods of objects in a handler
  5. Bind Bind asynchronous functions
  6. Asynchronous method invocation
  7. Configure and connect to multiple Handlers, either local or remote

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