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Cubicle Tools is a series of components that extend Excel for analytical and rapid development purposes. The tools consists of four interdependent components.

Components of Cubicle Tools:
  1. At the core is an "Object Handler" that associate string handles with object instances.
  2. An Excel Add-In that hosts an instance of the "Object Handler" within Excel for adding object reference into Excel cells
  3. An Add-In that embeds a NuGet client into Excel for downloading additional analytical libraries
  4. A web-service that allows users to host an "Object Handler" on a web-server

Features of Excel Add-In :
  1. Bind Excel functions at runtime
  2. Bind Excel functions to instance methods of objects in a handler
  3. Bind asynchronous functions
  4. Asynchronous method invocation
  5. Configure and connect to multiple Handlers, either local or remote

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